Read Some Of Our Favorite Testimonials

He returned to us happy and healthy as ever!

Growing up, my family brought our cairn terrier, Zoey, here and continued to take her here until her passing in 2010. Zoey had diabetes and JCVC was wonderful with her care and supervising her during the rough disease.

Eventually I got a dog of my own and when I moved back home after college, brought my Lhasa Apso Theo to JCVC for several years. We now live in NYC and come home for work/the holidays several times a year. Over Thanksgiving, Theo was itching irregularly so I brought him in to JCVC and they kindly saw him even though he has been seeing a vet in NYC for about 2 years now. They solved the case of the itchiness and also found he had a shattered back tooth that could possibly get infected, and recommended I reach out to the NYC vet.

Upon returning to NYC I consulted Theo’s vet for an estimate on extracting the tooth. They quoted me an insanely high price that was to the point of prohibiting us from being able to get it done. I called JCVC and the tech who had found Theo’s shattered tooth provided me with a quote and a full summary of what the extraction and a dental cleaning would entail. Theo just turned 5 so he had never had a dental procedure before.

JCVC’s fair price (though dental is still expensive but you pay for quality care and anesthesia) enabled us to have Theo’s tooth extracted. The procedure went extremely well and within days I could sense Theo was back to his normal happy and peppy self from before — the tooth must have been causing him pain unbeknownst to us.

I have to give kudos to JCVC, Dr. Chad Hargett and tech Rachel for their excellent customer service, overall pet care and especially kind treatment of me as owner and Theo as patient in the dental saga of 2013!!

I have also used their boarding and grooming facilities before and would recommend both. You can pay extra for your pet to be boarded in the hospital portion of the facility if he/she has special needs or is sensitive to boarding which is what we did with Theo after he had a bad experience elsewhere. He returned to us happy and healthy as ever!

My dog deserves the best and that’s Johns Creek!

My sweet dog Bella has had everything from her first checkup to knee surgery (this year) at John’s Creek. They truly care about her health and well being. In addition, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they make sure that I understand what I need to do at home to keep Bella healthy!

Experts and Life Savers

I really like taking my baby to Johns Creek Veterinary Clinic. My cat kept getting sicker and sicker everyday. I took her to several vets and no one could tell me what was wrong with her and why she kept getting sick over and over again. I looked up this vet and found that they have excellent reviews from customers. They immediately ran tests on my baby and found that she has lung cancer. I cannot even imagine what we would have done if we did not take her here and something would have happened to her. I am thankful for their determination to find out and their kindness.

Like family…

We discovered Johns Creek Vet Clinic when our outdoor cat was attacked a few years ago. It was after 6:00pm, and most places were closed. Fortunately for us and Cleo, JCVC was open. Dr. Hargett calmed us by letting us know that they would take good care of her and they did! We have just recently added a new puppy to our family. During her spay, Dr. Hargett took every precaution to ensure that Charlie Girl would be fine. Drs. Hargett and their staff treat each pet as if they were their own. We love them!

A Gem in Johns Creek

I just had to let the pet lovers of the world know of my great experience at at my new vet in Johns Creek, GA!! I have a NOT so friendly kitty that was in need of attention for a lump under her skin. Well, the very helpful staff at Johns Creek Veterinary Clinic came to my rescue. I feel my pet received “Top Notch” care. From the time I walked in the door until the time I checked out, we were treated like family. Thank you so much Dr Lorie Hargett! My cat thanks you too. You have a very caring and helpful staff. You have a client for LIFE!

Will go above and beyond for clients

My family and I have an 11 year old golden retriever, that weighs about 75lbs and was having trouble breathing. We called up Johns Creek Vet Clinic (as of yet we were not clients there) and asked if they could help us get our pet to their facility because he was in need of immediate help. I was home alone and physically could NOT pickup my dog. When I explained my situation to the secretary, she was extremely polite and asked if I would hold while she would see what she could do. After waiting for couple minutes the secretary picked up and informed me that a technician would be right over to help. After giving her my address with in 15 minutes not only was a technician knocking on my door, but so was the doctor. He wanted to be there in case my pet needed immediate help. Because of the lengths this clinic went through to ensure my pet’s health, I don’t think I could ever go to a different clinic. My pet now is healthy and happy thanks to this wonderful clinic. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness towards my pets and towards my family. They truly are one of a kind and I’m so happy to have found them.