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Johns Creek Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer your pet companion veterinary supervised overnight camp, as well as day care services for dogs, cats and exotics. We take pride in providing a true home away from home for your companion.

We are very proud to offer exceptional boarding with a huge advantage. Our guests are under the expert supervised care of several veterinarians each day, which allows us to provide the highest level of care especially when compared to other local boarding facilities. Our animal care technicians are long time employees, who have a special love for animals and are highly trained to alert the veterinarians if there is any change in your pet while they are boarding.

At Camp JCVC, part of the fun of coming to visit us is the ability to make friends and know that the entire staff is here to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We strive to make each stay stress free and lots of fun. Each member of our kennel staff gets to know every guest and makes every effort to accommodate their individual needs.

Now you can relax and enjoy your getaway, knowing your pet is receiving quality care from all of our staff, with the added safety of a doctor on duty. From the pre-boarding exam to daily observation and monitoring of all activities, you can be assured that your pet companion is in good hands.

At Johns Creek we do not believe boarding is one size fits all. We allow each pet owner to select their pet’s boarding experience and will individualize their camp experience. You will be asked to fill out our Camp JCVC Boarding Menu at drop off. This menu allows you to select your pet’s needs during boarding (this menu may be printed from our website and filled out prior to boarding)