Digital Radiology

We are very proud to offer Digital Radiology in our hospital. Digital radiology is the newest and most superior x-ray technology that exists. Our digital machine is the exact same equipment used in human medicine. The detail of our x-ray images is incredible, and allows for our doctors to correctly diagnose many subtle but abnormal conditions that might not be seen on plain film x-rays. Digital radiology is also a much faster process which allows the doctors to obtain high quality x-rays in seconds rather than twenty to thirty minutes. This time savings can be crucial when dealing with a critical case or an emergency. Our system also allows the doctors to have the images reviewed by a board certified radiologist to ensure proper diagnosis. This all combines to provide our patients with the best possible radiographs and the most accurate diagnosis.


Ultrasound has recently become a very valuable tool for veterinarians and helps the doctors diagnose many conditions that are commonly found in pets. This tool is completely non invasive and many times can provide a diagnosis which several years ago could only be obtained by exploratory surgery. Our doctors use ultrasound every day in their diagnostic plan. The images captured by our machine can be sent over the internet to a radiologist for review if needed. Common cases that we incorporate ultrasound images in our hospital include: heart disease, pregnancy, kidney disease, cancer work up, bladder disease and liver disease.